Visiting Columbus, Ohio!

On February 11th, Charles D. Hillman , Scott Scharlach and the wonderful team from Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority made an impact on our community. They hosted a delegation from Toledo to share with us about their experiences, before, during and after the planning and implementation stages of the Choice Neighborhoods Initiative. It was a truly rewarding experience. Now we are comingContinue reading “Visiting Columbus, Ohio!”

Read the Working Group Reports!

Watch the VIDEO. Thank you to all working group members who dedicated their time to the Junction-McClinton Nunn Choice Neighborhoods Plan. Their substantive work will heavily inform the final plan and lead to initiatives that will improve the Junction neighborhood for years to come. A celebration was held in December to commemorate their work andContinue reading “Read the Working Group Reports!”

The Working Groups are officially WORKING!

The Junction-McClinton Nunn Choice Project Team has organized 9 working groups focused on important topics. The 9 groups include: Housing Transportation Human Development Workforce Development Open Space & Recreation Public Safety Health & Mental Health Economic Development Doing While Planning/Early Action Projects Groups are made up of community leaders, local experts and residents. Over theContinue reading “The Working Groups are officially WORKING!”

Come to a Visioning Session in your neighborhood!

We need your feedback! The Planning Team is beginning to lay out ideas for the Junction Choice Neighborhoods Plan and would like to hear what you think! Like the ideas? Think we should move in a new direction? Whatever you think, we want to hear it! Please attend a visioning meeting soon to provide input.Continue reading “Come to a Visioning Session in your neighborhood!”

Thank you McClinton Nunn Residents!

On April 30th, 2021, residents of McClinton Nunn attended the first major planning event of the Junction-McClinton Nunn Choice Planning Process! The event was a major success with residents coming together with community leaders to give input on the neighborhood and begin crafting the Junction Choice Neighborhood Plan! A full report of the event withContinue reading “Thank you McClinton Nunn Residents!”

Welcome to the Junction-McClinton Nunn Choice Neighborhoods Plan Website!

Choice Neighborhoods Initiative is a tremendous opportunity to evaluate options that will improve the quality of life for Junction residents while creating a stronger, more connected community. The Plan will create strategies for greatly improving housing for current Junction residents while also bringing people together in a series of conversations aimed at building better andContinue reading “Welcome to the Junction-McClinton Nunn Choice Neighborhoods Plan Website!”