Check this page regularly for information on past and upcoming events!

August 5th Celebration Event

Review the draft Transformation Plan here.

July 20th Draft Plan Presentation

Review the draft Transformation Plan here.


As we move through the planning process, you will be able to check back here to see all the progress we’ve made!

Plan Committee Meetings

Neighborhood, People, and Housing Committees met three times help inform and shape the transformation plan. Check out video summaries from some of these meetings are below!

Neighborhood Plan Committee Meeting #3
People Plan Committee Meeting #2
Housing Plan Committee Meeting #2
Come along with us on our visit to the Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority!
The planning team, members of the community, and partners visited Poindexter Place in Columbus, Ohio

Working Group Recognition Event

McClinton Nunn Kick-Off Event

LMH will be hosting a kick-off event on April 30th to start the process and let you know how you can be involved.  Please mark this event on your calendars and be sure to attend.  There will be food, entertainment, games, and gift card prizes, as part of information we will share with you about this exciting initiative.

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